Investing in perfect smile: what to do before a professional tooth whitening

A professional tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can give you a perfect smile. If you are thinking about getting this treatment, make sure that you know what to do first.

Benefits of professional tooth whitening

A professional tooth whitening procedure offers: 

‌Customised solutions – unlike those over-the-counter products, your treatment plan is created to give you a safe and effective result.  

‌Dental expertise – dentists are experienced in making beautiful smiles.

‌Comfortable treatment – with professional dental care, you are also getting peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of.  

‌Fast results – visible changes can be seen after an hour of getting the teeth whitening procedure, depending on your case.  

Talk to your dentist first

There are many reasons to get a professional tooth whitening procedure aside from aesthetics. If you are having doubts about the right choice for you, it is best to speak with your dentist first.  

Your dentist will assess the condition and colour of your teeth to create a custom teeth whitening treatment plan. They will explain how your tooth will transition from its current shade to a lighter one using a shade guide.   

Teeth whitening options  

At Tindale, we offer two safe and effective tooth whitening options: chair-side and take-home whitening. Upon your initial check-up, our dentists will discuss the difference between the two and explain which one is for you. 

Schedule your professional tooth whitening appointment at Tindale Dental 

Cosmetic dentistry is one of our expertise at Tindale Dental to help our patients achieve a beautiful and long-lasting smile.

Remember, the process of tooth whitening is just the first step. Therefore, you should put an effort to maintain it.

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