At Tindale Dental Centre we have a deep commitment to providing our patients with the highest level of dental care aided by the latest techniques and technology. To identify your dental needs and devise a treatment plan we have the latest digital imaging technologies, including an on-site OPG. To undertake treatment we are aided by both a WaterLase laser and Sirolase laser. Additionally, we use a 3Shape Trios to take digital impressions so no more uncomfortable impression trays.


3Shape TRIOS, more than just an intra oral scanner

digital-impressions-2016TRIOS® benefits for patients

TRIOS is more than just another intra-oral scanner for capturing a 3D representation of your teeth. It is a complete digital impression solution providing your dentist with the ability to capture accurate and highly detailed full colour digital impressions.

As a patient you will have minimal to no discomfort and receive a high quality restoration fit. It also reduces the amount of time spent in the dentist chair.


diagnocamThe DIAGNOcam is a new exciting diagnostic device from the German company KAVO.

How does it work?

DIAGNOcam uses Digital Imaging Fiberoptic Transillumination (DIFOTI) technology. This means the structures of the tooth become light conductors. A digital video camera captures the context and transmits to a live monitor. Carious lesions, dental decay and cracks block the light transmission and become visible as dark spots.

This is radiation-free and can be repeated as required.

kavoDIAGNOcam is a convenient way to verify and supplement your X-ray diagnosis.

The DIAGNOcam can detect details that are normally invisible to the human eye, such as early dental cavities or decay underneath existing fillings.

This method is very useful in intercepting problems before they become too complex. This is essential in modern preventative and minimally invasive dental practice.



xrayUsing the most advanced dental technology possible is just as important as staying up-to-date on the latest treatment techniques.

At Tindale Dental Centre we only use digital X-rays. This latest technology maximises image quality whilst minimising patient exposure to radiation. We are dedicated to providing you with the safest and most convenient treatment options available

xraymachineOne of the most advanced radiograph technologies available is an OPG (full mouth X-ray). While you stand, your chin rests comfortably on a shelf so your head remains stable. The OPG machine then moves around your face in a semi-circular motion. The image is immediately available and stored in our software. What is produced is a highly detailed panoramic image of your teeth, gums and facial bones structure, which is invaluable for planning your treatment.

This is the gold standard in patient treatment and radiation safety.