Oral Surgery

At Tindale Dental Centre we understand that emergencies and toothaches sometimes happen and teeth have to be removed.
Our goal is always to do this in the most comfortable and painless manner.

This is why we offer all our patients, if suitable, the choice to have teeth removed under intravenous sedation (IV Sedation).

Can you remove my wisdom teeth?

Yes in most instances we can organise the removal of problematic wisdom teeth.

Our Wisdom Teeth Clinic is led by Dr Mostafa Ahmed who has a keen interest in Oral surgery and is part of the Surgical Dental Services team. What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth or third molars often start to appear around the late teens or early twenties. The issue is that our mouths sometimes simply can’t accommodate them and they become impacted – or butted up hard against other teeth and the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can become a serious issue due to the problems they cause like infection, swelling, damage to adjacent teeth, cysts and an ongoing source of pain and discomfort. Surgery is very common and it’s best to deal with problem wisdom teeth.

Our dentists will advise the best way to proceed, often recommending IV sedation.

I think I need multiple teeth removed?

We understand that often fear of dental procedures can result in a significant  deterioration in the mouth .We also know  that unfortunately this  can lead to the need for the removal of multiple teeth .

At Tindale Dental Centre we welcome people in this situation.

We take pride that we have been servicing the nervous of Penrith and the surrounding regions for over 20 years, and providing this type of treatment.

Dr Currie and his team have achieved amazing results and formed many great long term relationships with these initially nervous  patients.

The preferred treatment option in these cases is to condense as many appointments as possible and/or multiple extractions into one visit under Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation)

We are excited that we are able to offer our IV Sedation service to these patients as it provides an excellent opportunity for you to address your dental needs.

At Tindale Dental Centre we are proud that we can rehabilitate these patients to full dental health and function.

We are also able to provide a full suite of treatments to replace these lost teeth. We have achieved great results with implants as well as the placement of a bridge. Your Dentist will discuss which treatment option would best suit you.

My child needs orthodontic extractions prior to braces.

Often your Orthodontist advises that your child’s teeth need to be extracted.

We understand that this can be a potentially worrying and traumatic experience for both parent and child.

We cater specifically for this type of procedure with the aim of making this a positive dental experience.

Often our dentists will recommend that all the teeth required to be extracted be removed in a single appointment under Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation). This often is the ideal option so as to turn a potentially traumatic and stressful experience into a positive experience .