Special Care for Nervous Patients

At Tindale Dental we pride ourselves on the fact that “we service the nervous”. It is our fundamental belief that your fears and apprehension should not prevent you from receiving the highest quality of dental care. We understand that fear of the dentist, fear of needles or treatment can be a major obstacle to receiving proper dental care.

During your first appointment, the dentists will talk to you about your feelings and about your overall dental health. We will ensure that you are entirely at ease with our practice before any treatment is carried out. If appropriate and at your request, we can conduct “sleep dentistry” intra-venous (IV) sedation . Our consultant medical specialists will safely carry out all IV sedation. If you are a nervous patient, please do not feel embarrassed to mention this to our staff when telephoning the practice. Our patient coordinators will talk you through your initial consultation and will ensure you are equipped with all the information to make your first visit as stress free as possible.

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