How Does Stress Affect Your Dental Health?

Stress can unfortunately happen to anyone at any time, and the way you handle it can have an impact on your oral health. While it is a common idea that it is not beneficial to our bodies, not everyone realises its connection to the teeth.

So, what does stress do to your oral health and what should you do about it? read on to find out. 

What stress can do to your oral health

Teeth grinding

When you were at the peak of your emotions, you probably tried to clench or grind your teeth as a common response. While some people think that they can control tooth grinding by getting some rest, it can unknowingly happen to them while asleep. If the tooth grinding goes on for too long, you can weaken your gums and develop bruxism. 

Mouth sores

Along with the irritation and viral infection, stress can also be the main culprit behind your mouth ulcers or sores. When your immune system is weak, it allows the development of these inflamed spots inside your mouth. These sores usually take a week or two to heal, but if it stays longer, you should talk to your dentist, as it might be a more serious problem.  

Gum disease

Stressors are the biggest triggers of the inflammatory response inside your body, causing sensitivity and tenderness to your gums. When you overlook gum bleeding just because it is not painful, you could potentially lose your teeth due to periodontal disease. 

Poor oral habits

Many people are having a hard time managing their stress, which leads them to take it on their lifestyle. This includes eating unhealthy foods, smoking, or drinking too much alcohol—all can contribute to cavity buildup.  

When stressed, you also have low energy, which leads you to neglecting the healthy oral habits for your teeth.

Get regular dental checkups

Remember that it is important to put effort into managing your stress to take good care of your oral and overall health. 

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