How celebs fix their gap tooth smile and chipped teeth

gap tooth

Celebs often have perfect teeth but for many, that was not the case before they were famous! Hilary Duff and Jim Carrey had chipped teeth for years before deciding to fix them. And celebs like Keith Urban and Zac Effron had gap-toothed smiles before they perfected their smile.

So what about you? Do you have a chipped tooth or gap between your front teeth that could benefit from some dentist assistance? 

Fixing a chipped tooth

Your dentist will determine the best way to fix your broken tooth or close your front teeth gap to restore your smile. There are a variety of ways to repair a chipped tooth and close a gap from bonding to veneers to dental crowns. 

Dental bonding 

If you have chipped your tooth your dentist may repair it using a simple (and quick) procedure called bonding. Penrith dentists fill the chip in with tooth-coloured resin making the chip virtually unnoticeable once they are done! A chip can be fixed often in less than 15 minutes leaving you with a perfect smile once again. 

Gap teeth fix

Dental bonding can also be used to fill in a gap in your teeth depending on how large the gap is and where it is located. Often a gap is in your front tooth, but there are other areas where you may have a gap. A dentist will assess the gap in your teeth and determine if bonding, dental veneers or dental crowns are the best fix to perfect your smile.

Dental veneers for a gap tooth smile

If you have a significant gap in your teeth, yellowing teeth or severely damaged teeth you may require veneers, crowns or partial crowns. Veneers are porcelain covers that go over the front of your tooth. Often the results look identical or even better than your original teeth! 

Dental crowns and caps

Similar to veneers dental crowns are ceramic covers for your teeth. Unlike veneers, dental crowns cover your whole tooth. Otherwise known as dental caps, dental crowns are best used when the tooth is broken or damaged significantly.

Gentle dental restorations in Penrith

At Tindale Dental we offer tooth restorations in one visit. Using the latest technology to fix your teeth we can replace metal fillings with white fillings or create custom white coverings for your teeth. No one will know the difference, not even you! And they only take one visit so you will leave with a perfect smile that day. 

Penrith dentists taking new patients

Are you in the Penrith, Kingswood, or Jamisontown area and have an issue with a chipped tooth? Or do you have a gap between your front teeth that you want to fix? Contact Tindale Dental Centre’s caring professional team of dentists to have your smile restored. With gentle dental practices and high-tech equipment, we will have your smile looking better than before! Book your appointment by calling (02) 4726 5400.