Yellow teeth? Here’s why!

yellow teeth

You brush and floss every day, yet your teeth look yellow. If you find yourself staring in the mirror wondering why your teeth are faded and yellow, read on.

Check your diet

Food and drinks can be the most significant cause of yellow teeth. Often drinking red wine, coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages regularly can cause teeth to discolour. Additionally, some sugary foods stick to your teeth, which can lead to yellowing if not brushed off. If you have tooth staining due to your particular food or drink consumption, try limiting your intake or finding an alternative. Or rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking things that stain your teeth.

Limit or stop smoking

Unsurprisingly, smoking is one of the top causes of yellow teeth. Plus, smoking can also damage your gums which in term damages your teeth. Quitting smoking can not only improve your oral health, but it can also limit your teeth discolouration. 

Genetics and ageing

Some people have less enamel on their teeth which can be why their teeth look faded and yellow early on. And unfortunately, enamel wears as we get older. So, no matter what amount of enamel, we start with our teeth yellow with age. 

Trauma or damage to teeth

Damage may cause to your teeth. So, if you have chipped or broken your tooth, you may experience some discolouration to the remaining tooth. Veneers can be a great solution to not only fix your tooth but hide the discolouration. 

Improve your oral hygiene

Finally, poor brushing or lack of flossing can lead to yellow, discoloured teeth. Improve your oral health, brush twice a day and floss once a day. And schedule regular dental check-ups to ensure your smile is in good health.

Get a whiter smile

If you are unhappy with your yellow or discoloured teeth, book a consultation with our friendly Penrith dentist. In most cases, Tindale Dental Centre can remove your teeth stains and bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness. 

Following a consultation with our dentists in Penrith, we can advise you on the best tooth whitening option. Whether our ZOOM!® chairside whitening system, our take-home whitening option or porcelain veneers.

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