Surprising reasons to brush your teeth twice a day

brushing your teeth

Dentists in Penrith will tell you to brush your teeth twice a day. However, do you know why brushing twice a day is good for you?


Whiter teeth

When you eat and drink, colours or pigments from the food and liquid absorb into your teeth. However, brushing twice a day helps remove the discolouring. Additionally, use whitening toothpaste when brushing to boost the whiteness of your teeth. Alternatively, if you feel your teeth aren’t white enough, give your local dentist in Penrith a call to discuss whitening your teeth for an Insta-worthy smile


Stops yellow build-up on your teeth

After eating leftover food, bits in your mouth mix with the bacteria in your mouth to form the sticky, whitish, yellow looking film called plaque. Luckily plaque takes a day to harden, so brushing twice a day will remove the soft plaque before it hardens and needs to be removed by a dentist.


Protects your gums

Brushing twice a day removes plaque which is bad for your gums. Additionally, brushing twice a day also improves the health of your gums, helping you avoid gum disease


Gets rid of bacteria

We all have bacteria in our mouth. When you eat certain types of food, the bacteria eat them too and produces acid, which can damage the tooth surface. Brushing your teeth twice daily helps reduce the harmful bacteria. This is important as bacteria damages your teeth, weakens your gums, not to mention contributes to bad breath!


Prevents bad breath

Brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day with toothpaste means fresh breath and no more embarrassing bad breath moments! 


Get a perfect smile

Make sure your teeth are pearly white, your breath is fresh, and your smile is perfect with your local dentist in Penrith, Tindale Dental. Call (02) 4726 5400 or contact us online to book your dental check-up today.