Understanding gum disease

You know the term, but what actually is gum disease and how can you prevent this from occurring?

Below we will discuss upkeeping proper oral health, breaking down what is gum disease, prevention and treatment.

Here at Tindale Dental Centre in Penrith, we believe healthy smiles are based on effective oral care and believe preventative approaches, are paramount in avoiding unnecessary dental health concerns.

Where good oral health care starts with brushing at least 2 times a day, for a minimum of 2 minutes; particularly in the morning and before bed, flossing daily; especially at night time and visiting the dentist every 6 months at a minimum, to have an oral exam and have professional cleaning done.

Unknowingly, approximately 80% of the Australian population suffer from gum disease. Which is caused by a bacterial infection, which may cause little discomfort, in its initial stages with few symptoms, so it can be tricky to initially detect.

If not detected and treated, this can spread around the gum area, teeth and bones, leading to further health concerns. Where regular check-ups are key in detecting and treating gum disease.

Essentially, factors such as the buildup of plaque, heredity factors and lifestyle choices contribute to the disease.

In early stages, symptoms can include redness, puffiness and bleeding which can be managed and treated in a non-surgical manner.

Other treatments can include, instructions of effective brushing and cleaning by your dentist, or professional scaling/scraping of the impacted surfaces on the teeth, gum pocket irrigation or local antibiotic placement in significantly impacted areas of the gum.

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