Anaemia and your mouth

Anaemia is the result of a deficiency in the number or quality of red blood cells, which play the important role of transporting oxygen throughout the body. It may also occur because the red blood cells are lacking in the iron-rich protein known as haemoglobin, which is responsible for giving blood it’s red colour. Haemoglobin also assists in carrying oxygen around the body.

So, how does this affect your mouth?

The inadequate supply of oxygen-rich blood can impact on oral health in the following ways:

* Increasing the risk of gum disease (periodontitis)

* Causing inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) – making the tongue appear swollen, smooth and pale, as well as causing soreness and tenderness.

* Making the mouth tissues appear abnormally pale

More severe cases of anaemia can result in more severe oral and dental complications.

There are different forms of anaemia that can affect your body in different ways, and may also impact on the way your dental treatments can be carried out. It is therefore important to inform your dentist if you have anaemia before proceeding with any procedures.

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