Tips for a positive dental visit for kids

kids dental

Bringing your child to the dentist can be a positive experience if you prepare them.


What to expect at your first dental visit

The first few visits to your local Penrith dentist is about getting your child comfortable. They meet the dentist, sit in the chair and look at our dental equipment.


Typically a child’s first visit to the dentist lasts 30 minutes. If your child is feeling comfortable we may attempt a teeth count or a polish.  


Kids first dental visit

Prepare your child for their first dental visit. Explain:

  • what is going to happen
  • why people go to the dentist
  • everyone goes to the dentist (mum, dad, nan, their friends, etc.)
  • Show them pictures of a dentist office so they know what it looks like


The more you chat about going to the dentist, the calmer your child will hopefully be. 


Tips for calm dental visits with kids

If possible, schedule your child’s dental visit in the morning. Most kids are more alert and calmer in the morning. And it leaves less time to stress about the visit throughout the day. 


Prepare yourself for the dental visit

If you have anxiety about the dentist, think about sending your child with an adult who is fine with the dentist. Kids pick up on anxiety, so if you are nervous, they may get nervous themselves. 


Kids dentist in Penrith

Our goal at Tindale Dental Centre in Penrith is to give your child a positive first dental appointment so visiting the dentist becomes familiar and enjoyable. 


Call the kid-friendly dental team at Tindale Dental Centre on (02) 4726 5400 to book your child’s dental appointment.