Introducing your child to the dentist.

At Tindale Dental Centre, we truly believe in healthy smiles…happy kids!

For younger patients and first-timers, it’s important to build solid and positive dental experiences to encourage healthy dental habits.

Ideally, children should begin visiting the dentist as early as possible to commence regular check-ups and for preventative care.

Not only does this benefit the oral health and hygiene of your child but also allows the establishment of healthy and positive relationships between your child and their dentist/dental hygienist.

When bringing your child to the dentist, talking about going to the dentist and what they should expect in a positive manner, will break down the unknown and will also form a great foundation to starting healthy habits.

In terms of building great dental care habits at home, brushing and flossing are still so important for children to keeping smiles healthy and preventing decay and other dental problems.

Brushing should commence as soon as a child has grown teeth and should occur twice a day just like adults.

At Tindale Dental Centre, we welcome the Medicare Child Benefits Schedule and we’re passionate and dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care to all our patients, including first-timers and younger patients.

For your child’s next appointment, build positive dental habits by visiting our friendly and experienced team at Tindale Dental Centre.

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