Why wisdom teeth cause pain & what you can do

wisdom teeth

After all your other teeth have come in, wisdom teeth erupt later in life (usually in your late teens or twenties). Often because they come late, they can cause all sorts of problems in your mouth.


Surprisingly, many people can live with four wisdom teeth and not have any problems. However, for many of us, they can cause various dental issues. If you have wisdom tooth pain, they may be crowding your existing teeth or impact the molars beside them.


Sometimes wisdom teeth come through at an angle, pushing into the gum or tooth beside them, called impaction. Wisdom teeth may come out, partially out or stay stuck underneath your gums. 

No matter what, if they are causing you problems or pain, have them checked by a local dentist in Penrith. 


Upon assessing your teeth, your dentist will advise on the best way to deal with the issue. If removal is needed, the dentist may recommend sleep dentistry


Thankfully, the recovery from surgery is relatively quick. Your dentist will advise you on caring for your mouth after your surgery. Some typical care suggestions include:

  • Swish warm salty water in your mouth after meals
  • Eat soft food for a few days after surgery
  • Do not smoke for two days following the surgery
  • Avoid alcohol after your surgery for a bit

Additionally, your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections or over-the-counter medications to reduce pain as part of your home care. 

 Gentle wisdom tooth removal in Penrith

Wisdom teeth removals are done regularly by the experienced and gentle dental team at Tindale Dental Centre. We will assess your teeth issues and advise you on what to expect during and after surgery. 

 Contact the gentle dental team at Tindale Dental Centre in Penrith for stress-free removals on (02) 4756 5400.