Nutrition and its impact on your oral health

You’ve heard it many times and are well aware that your diet affects your oral health.

But is this just the impact of sugars and calcium?

Here at Tindale Dental Centre, we’ve explored the topic of nutrition and its impact on oral health, specifically what foods and nutrients positively impact your oral health.

Consuming nutrient-rich foods coming from the variety of food groups promotes positive impacts on the body, even your bright whites, and gums!

Eating foods such as fruits, vegetables and those which are rich in protein, calcium and grains offer great benefits through providing essential nutrients to your oral health.

Foods that are calcium-rich such as milk, cheese, yogurt, canned salmon, almonds, green leafy vegetables, fortified soy milk, and tofu are each great foods that offer calcium to the body. Helping to promote stronger teeth, decreasing the risk of damage such as decay and weakening of the teeth.

Likewise, to promote strong and healthy whites, foods that are rich in phosphorous are able to provide the required nutrients. This can be found in fish, lean meats, dairy, nuts, beans, and eggs.

Additionally, Vitamin C is effectively able to promote and support healthy gums.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes, spinach, and broccoli.

Here at Tindale Dental Centre in Penrith, we support the journey and upkeep to achieving good oral health.

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