Refresh your smile in the new year with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry transforms people’s smiles and makes them the centre of attention during holidays. Perfect-looking teeth radiate confidence, and the bright smile that they give is contagious, leaving people truly captivated.  

In this blog, let’s discuss the different options that will help you welcome the new year with a stunning smile.

Teeth Whitening  

Achieving pearly white teeth is a known benefit of cosmetic dentistry. A teeth whitening treatment removes stains and unwanted discolouration caused by different factors, such as coffee and red wine.   

At Tindale Dental, you can choose whether you want to have chair-side whitening or a take-home whitening tray. Both can visibly brighten your teeth and give you next-level confidence.  


If you want to show off your smile but your teeth are holding you back, veneers will get you covered. This type of cosmetic dentistry is a popular solution for people with chipped, stained or gaps between their teeth.  

With the porcelain veneers from Tindale, you can bring your perfect and natural-looking smile up front at your next event.   


A dental crown or tooth capping is a close family friend of veneers. Crowns provide an aesthetic look while completely covering and protecting a damaged tooth.  


Another benefit of undergoing cosmetic dentistry is that you can restore your smile by filling the gaps in your teeth. Dental bridges use an artificial tooth filler called pontic that seamlessly enhances your looks, lets you enjoy your delicious holiday food, and be confident while you socialise.  

Cosmetic dentistry can fix a variety of dental issues such as stained teeth, crooked teeth, or gaps, giving you the confidence to show off your smile. 

Cosmetic Dentists in Penrith  

If you are considering getting a cosmetic dental treatment, choose to have it done by an experienced dentist to ensure your safety and the best possible result. 

Our cosmetic dentists at Tindale Dental Care provide various cosmetic dental solutions to all our patients by assessing their problems and providing treatments tailored to their needs. 

Schedule your appointment online or contact us at (02) 4726 5400 to discuss the options available for you. Enjoy your holiday celebrations with a picture-perfect smile.