Pregnancy and Dental Care


If you are considering getting pregnant it is sensible to visit your dentist before you conceive as your dentist will be able to examine and x-ray your teeth to assess for decay, infection or dental issues that may need addressing before you are pregnant or even during your pregnancy.

One of the key areas of concern both for conception and during pregnancy is the health of your gums.
Bleeding swollen gums, that may or may not be sore, are an indication of gum disease. There have been many studies that show gum disease reduces fertility in both men and women making it harder to conceive. During pregnancy gum disease has been linked to inflammation that can cause preterm or premature birth.

It is common for pregnant women to notice that their gums bleed more and can become more swollen. However this is not ideal even though some dentists may consider it normal. The changes and fluctuations in your pregnancy hormones make you gums more susceptible to gum disease and will mean that any pre-existing gum conditions will become aggravated and get worse.

It is a myth that pregnant women should not go the dentist or have dental treatment during pregnancy

The recommendation is no x-rays while you are pregnant hence why we advise getting a thorough dental check before conceiving a pregnancy.

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