Kids and Cavities

Kids and Cavities

Did you know that in a recent nationwide study by Adelaide University where 24,000 kids were randomly chosen for a dental examination across many different communities, as many as half of all six-year olds examined showed signs of dental disease!

The researchers were quick to point out that the reasons behind such a large number of kids with tooth decay was quite clear:

Too much sugar in the diet. Consuming too much sugar is directly related to tooth decay. The World Health Organisation recommends consuming less than 12 teaspoonful’s of sugar a day. Yet, 70% of 4-8 year olds consume in excess of this, and 75% of 9-13 year olds! Beverages are probably the worst culprits for these statistics. Just one 600ml bottle of soft drink will put you over the mark, and sports drinks which are marketed to suggest they are healthy!

  • Poor dental hygiene. Large numbers of kids do not brush their teeth properly and a third of them don’t brush regularly. What’s more, a quarter of kids with signs of tooth decay in the study had never been to a dentist before. Many of these children end up seeking emergency care when their condition worsens, making dental disease the third most common preventable cause of hospital admissions in Australia.

Parents can make a good start by cutting down the amount of sugar children consume, and by encouraging better dental hygiene in your household. Ask your dentist to show you the best techniques to clean your child’s teeth. Proper brushing and flossing along with a low sugar diet and regular dental checks.

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