How to maintain healthy teeth 

To maintain good oral health it’s important to keep in mind that your diet and the foods that you consume impact your gums, teeth and mouth.

Here at Tindale Dental Centre in Penrith, we’ve created a simple guide on what to look out for in terms of looking after your oral health in relation to your diet and food intake.

So let’s get to it…
This one isn’t so much of a surprise, it’s important to be mindful and limit the number of sugary drinks you consume. For example, juices, soft drinks and cordials. As these have a great impact on increasing your risk of tooth decay.
Similarly, this can be done by limiting added sugars to drinks such as tea and coffee.

Instead, swap drinking more water or milk which have increased benefits for your oral health. Milk for example, provides you with a high amount of calcium which acts to strengthen the tooth enamel.

When it comes to selecting snacks, opt for more fresh fruits and vegetables as these are packed with essential nutrients which have an abundance of benefits, for not only your oral health but the rest of the body as well.
Additionally, keep in mind to limit dried fruits as these can contain high amounts of sugar and leave residue on your teeth making it a contributor to tooth decay.

You may also want to eat dairy products like cheese and yogurt as these contain calcium and protein which act to strengthen the tooth enamel and lower the risk of experiencing tooth decay.

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